I had always wanted to write for some time, but just never got around to it

I had always wanted to build up a blog of some sort, just to get my voice out to the world

I had always wanted to perhaps build an email list, for those who would find my posts valuable

These are the 3 creative work I wanted to do on the side besides coding

I shall focus on starting with one

I was browsing through twitter today, I noticed one thing

The one thing that mattered all along from everyone who I look up to

That one thing is a trait that can be cultivated through practice

That one trait is Consistency

This is where I am beginning my cultivation of consistency

I am building a habit of consistently waking up early and just write

Write whatever that is on top of my head

Write it all out

Write on days that I feel like shit

Write on days that I feel busy

Write on days that I feel like writing

Doesn't matter what day, I will write

It is what I need to get ahead

I will worry about the contents later

This is my action for cultivating consistency