Over and over again

I always have to relearn this lesson

How many times have I regret not putting in the hours

How many times have I regret not working long enough

It is all because I missed out on potentially something great

Potentially great at that one skill

It's not about how hard you go

It's about how often you show up

It's never about the result

It's always about the process

I have missed out on the second biggest crypto bull run... second time

Realize that I did not plan on holding coins

I wanted to hone in on my trading skills

My goal is to succeed in SaaS with trading skills to leverage my capitals further

Trading to me right now is the most scalable skill that would grow my capital as a single person

I hope that one day when I succeed in SaaS, my trading skills are ready to take my capitals to the next level


Show up everyday on SaaS to succeed there

Don't forget to show up everyday on trading also

Trading is a long term skill that won't pay dividend now until you hit a tipping point

Treat SaaS as dancing

Treat trading as Muay Thai fighting

It's all a sport

You just have to show up everyday and put in the work

It's about tonnage in the hours

Your time is limited

Make sure your pour in hours on areas you want to improve on