Having trouble achieving your goals?

You followed all the actions on your TODO list

You're trying so hard

Yet you're not getting any noticeable results

Perhaps it's time for you to think about creating a NOT-TODO list

There are actions in life that pushes you towards your desired results

They are actions on your TODO list

There are also actions in life that pulls you away from your desired results

You must place these negative actions on your NOT-TODO list

Weight loss analogy

Think about it, if your desired result is to lose weight...

You can take actions going to the gym, an action pushing you towards weight loss

You can also take action eating large portions of unhealthy fried food, an action that pulls you way from weight loss

The two actions either cancel out or worse...

If you eat more unhealthy fried food, you will be gaining weight instead

You lose all the progress of weight loss and went backwards

To prevent going backwards or regress, you must create a NOT-TODO list

Benefits of a NOT-TODO list

1. You actually have a higher chance of achieving your goals

Without anything pulling you back, there's nowhere else to go but to get to your target

2. Achieve your goals in at least 20% less time

All that extra energy saved from not doing the negative actions can be used to take more positive actions towards your goals

3. Easier time saying NO

Some of you have a hard time saying no to either yourself or friends

You will have easier time saying no to your own choices or social activities on your NOT-TODO list. You already planned it. So less mental effort is needed to say no

4. Your feel more confident with yourself

Confidence is a byproduct of you achieving what you set out to achieve

With a NOT-TODO list, you stay more discipline and increase your chance of achieving your goals

By continually achieving your goals, it's inevitable that your confidence will go up

With higher confidence, you have more faith in yourself in what you can achieve

With higher confidence, you will have higher quality of life

Start a NOT-TODO list

Step 1: Know what you want

Before anything else, you need to have a result you want to work towards

If you don't know where you are going on google map, how do you even know the direction to get there?

Step 2: Create your NOT-TODO list

If you want to get to your parent's house to the east of you, you would not want to head west

Heading west will only pull you further away from where you want to go

Just like map directions, there are actions that will pull you away from your destination

List out these actions and make sure you don't do them

Step 3: Execute

Here is the hardest part

Follow through with your plan on not taking actions on the list

This is where majority of the people fail, are you one of them?

Example: Weight Loss

Since most common goal that people failed are weight loss and the most common cause is NOT having a NOT-TODO list

They do far too many actions that were supposed to be on the NOT-TODO list that any attempts to lose weight almost doesn't even matter

We will use weight loss once again as an example

Step 1: Know what you want

To lose 5kg weight in 3 months

Step 2: Create your NOT-TODO list

  • No eating snacks after 7pm
  • No cakes or sweets
  • No fried food
  • No going out and drink with friends
  • No ordering extra noodles at a restaurant
  • Never say "But I love my carbs (rice, noodles, bread)"
  • Don't say "Just this one time" for unhealthy food
  • (Anything else you normally do that you know that does not support your weight loss goal)

Step 3: Execute

You follow through this this plan to not do anything on your NOT-TODO list

If you do any of these actions on your NOT-TODO list, you are actively working on a goal to gain 5kg in 3 months instead

Decide carefully


If you ever failed on your goals and wonder why

One cause may be because you take actions that goes against your goals

This is why you need to be aware and create a NOT-TODO list to stop these negative actions

With negative actions, there's nothing pulling you back

You can only go up from here

Try it out

Create a NOT-TODO list

It will improve your life drastically