Let go

Let yourself feel all these emotions of hurt

Let yourself feel all these emotions of sorrow

There's no use of denying them

Just know that it is over and she is a thing of the past

We are both doing our best moving on and we are doing our best

Don't compete

Let yourself feel the emotion of wanting revenge

Let yourself feel the motions but not act on them

There's no need to compete

There's no one to prove in this world

There's no need to prove to anyone

Just let go, feel all these sorrows

You may have missed a good one is how you feel

If you went back out with her, she may have been the same

It is through this painful heart break that she was able to grow

I hope this is a great lesson to her and to myself as well

Stick with your decision, be confident in your decision and know that it will all work out in the end

There's no right or wrong answer, you just don't know

Wrong decision may even lead you down to a better path

It all depends on how you interpret and act on these situations too

The reason why you are not able to open your heart up completely to someone new is because of this

Your chapter with Christine has not closed completely and there's still regret on your decision

You still love her very much

You still miss her

It's already too late. You already made a decision to move on and acted on it

I have a feeling of regret

Regret of missing her and how good we had it in the past

Regret of never being able to find another woman like her ever again

Regret of not being able to find another INFJ free spirit like her

I love her independent soul nature

She is so innocent that she's attractive

She is strong in her own ways and I hope she is ok

First, I want to make sure I am ok before anything else

I missed you and I loved you Christine

I can never deny these feelings for you

Just like these feelings from the past with my very first gf

Don't keep her when you don't want to be with her anymore

Let her be free

Let her be the pure soul that she is

She is beautiful and let her be that

She will find another wonderful man one day and I will be hurt watching her and wishing that was me again

Because I wanted to be by her side

I wanted to love her

I wanted to be together with her and dance with her

These were all the desires I wanted with her and I was suppressing them

I don't want to get hurt again

I don't want her to break me up and let me go

I always promised her that I will be there for her

Only to find out that she had left me first then wanting to come back to me

I do not want to go back. I was afraid of getting hurt all over again by her carelessness of her placing fake importantance on the relationship

I felt that she would let me go once again

I felt that the trust was broken

No matter how great we had it, it was only great because I only remembered the good things we had

She has her bad side and I have mine

Guess the worst case scenario was good enough for us to split apart and that is that

Damn this hurts so fucking much

No need to wonder how she is doing

Just focus on yourself and grow

Don't stop the flow of emotions

Close your eyes

Let these pass through you

I (myself) love you Yongyi

I am right beside you and so is everyone else

Remember your vision of entrepreneurship, love, and romance

Have the unwavering faith in your vision and never let go

Have faith in yourself

This will all work out in the end