I really want to succeed in 2021

I must make it happen

I have never wanted anything so much in my life before

My time is limited and I cannot waste much of my time in games and fun anymore

I must focus every fiber of my beings to succeed and grow to the next level

It is all about putting in the hours and efforts

The more hours I can put into entrepreneurship the luckier I will get

I must put in more hours

I finally understand what you mean now Elon Musk

I can only put in about 4 hours of deep work if I can stretch it that far

That is about 1,300 hours a year

I already feel the power of 4 deep work hours accomplished in a day. It feels amazing

If I can double that,

even at the sacrifice of less efficiency,

6 hour work day with 4 deep work hours and 2 hours that is still perhaps equivalent of 4.5 hours of deep work

All these little hours add up

I truly believe that if I just put in the hours

It's almost impossible for me NOT to succeed

This is the key to successful habits

Just put in more hours

Get more feedback

Then put in even more hours

Next year, I want to hit $10,000 MRR

If I can achieve that

Even if I fall short at other goals, this is the one key that I want

It always has been my goal 5 years ago

I finally found a clue of what I am good at

I am going to pursue this further

SaaS is working for me

So I will double down on this