Everyone wants fame, fortune, success and admiration from others

A leader typically have all these fame, fortune, success and admirations

A leader typically speaks very well with words that resonated with many

Ironically enough, in order to speak very well, you must first understand your audience

Before you understand, you must listen

Everyone can listen, but not many can listen well

Problems from not listening well

"I feel like you never understand me"

"You have never accepted me for who I am"

"I cannot be myself around you"

These are all common words expressed by those whose voice are unheard, by those who were not listened to

These people include loved ones who's breaking up or on the verge of breaking up in relationships

These people include teenagers and adults who do not want to be close with their parents

These people include friends who just don't want to be around you anymore

Sadly enough, there is a huge number of people in this world who felt this way and they cannot express themselves fully

In the end, these people with unheard voices will just keep their real lively self hidden away from the world, all because there's a big lack of people in this world who can listen

Listening skill is a skill that is greatly undervalued in this success driven world

That is why we must all practice it

Why listening

For all these people whose voice are unheard, they have a mental wound that desperately need to be healed

You can heal them by simply listening to them

You don't need to have a grand vision to have everyone's voice be heard because that's physically impossible.

At the very least, you can listen to your friends, family and partner right around you

You can let them know that their voices are heard, their wounds are healing

At least in the little world between you and them; they can truly be themselves; they can truly be understood

It is only after that they are understood, they are able to truly love without holding back

Your partner will truly be able to love you, without getting hurt mentally from lack of listening

Your friends will truly care about you, without feeling the pain from lack of listening

Your family will care about you even more, while knowing that you understand them

Wouldn't it be nice to live in such a world?

That is completely possible and listening is one of the key ingredients to get you there

Listening on a deeper level

When you listen to someone, you are more than just listening to what they have to say

You help them get their excessive thoughts out of their head

You help them to be more at peace with their mind

You help them to ease their pain, this is almost like a therapy except it's free

Last but not least, you help them to share a part of themselves with you

By sharing a part of themselves with you, you get to build a stronger bond, thus strengthen the relationship between one another

With continual practice of listening, you help create a little world, a mini utopia that allows others to be who they are because they can be honest with themselves

In a way, you are allowing them to be who they are by letting them speak with their honest thoughts and opinions

Listening heals

Listening build and strengthen deeper bonds

Listening fosters freedom and bring forth the real self from one another

If we ever want at least a single person in this world to be who they are,

If we ever want to be who we are,

Then we need the ability to listen, and to listen well