The sun was setting

Evening was coming

Here I was sitting on a motorbike on my way home

I couldn't help but catch a sudden burst of sadness that bursted from my heart

I almost wanted to cry but I have no tear glands since I am a man

Something needs to be done to fix this

I wrestled with my mind and heart for a few days and finally figured out why I was sad

It was uncertainty and lack of clarity

I did not know where I was going in life

It was December, 2020, I need to have a plan for next year so I won't get lost ever again

The the only goal for 2020 for me was to hit $10,000+ in monthly recurring revenue somehow

I know it is possible if I work hard enough

Everything else is secondary

If I have achieved that one goal in 2021, even if I fail at everything else, I will still be ok

So that is the only goal I have at this stage of my life

I believe my road to get there is through SaaS, software as a subscript product

Here is my main focus for 2021


  • Automate Personalized Image Uploader app
  • Product option Shopify app
  • 1 more Shopify app
  • Launch SaaS apps outside of shopify


  • $10,000+ MRR from SaaS

Everyday Success Habits

  • 4 Deep work hours
  • 8 Hours sleep
  • Reflect & plan next day

Success metric

  • 1300 work hours

Let's see how far I will go by the end of 2021