Where do I start?

I have lived 30 years of my life mostly wondering

I quit my job since age 25

Booked 1 way trip to Asia and never looked back

I always wanted to make $1,000 a month in passive income, still looking

After trying out different online business models, I finalized down to one

Micro SaaS

This is the path to my financial freedom

I am done with being spiritual

I am ready to put in the work

I made my first SaaS app on shopify called Personalized Image Uploader back in March 2020

I am learning as I go with my first shopify app

This shopify app currently may generate $500 a month monthly for now

I do not like the competitive nature of shopify app platform

High saturated competition with general newbie shopify merchants means cheap subscription pricing

Lower subscription price means slower growth and higher time on support with larger customer base

So here I am now

With one SaaS app created

Wanting to create a new app outside of shopify

Here are my actions:

  1. Generate 10 business ideas a day, for obvious reasons
  2. Continue to optimize my existing shopify app and improve upon it, for staying competitive in shopify platform
  3. Learn new software knowledge everyday, to be ready to create new SaaS app ideas

On top of all of this, I also want to WRITE

I am an emotional person at the core

I need a channel to vent so I am here

Time to document my journey

My goal is still to hit $1,000 monthly recurring revenue (MRR) a month

Here's hope to improve upon my writing while growing my software business