We are about to dive in to the more technical section where we will learn how to listen

Here are a few beliefs around trust and understanding you need to learn before anything else

Greatest human desire is to be understood

The most common popular misconception, wrong belief

"You need love to complete you, whether it's self love or love from others"
"Love is everything, Love above all else"

I am here to tell you that this is bullshit

While love is pretty high up there in the human desire scale, even if I desire love deeply

There is a desire higher than love in this world

That desire is to be understood

Think about it for a second

How can you love someone when the other person does not understand you?

How can your love your parents when they don't understand your wants and needs?

You see it all the time

People go into relationships, doing their best to love one another

They break up in the end feeling like their partner does not understand or accept them for who they are

I never shared with my parents what my true desires are because my parents never understand me.

While I love my parents, I cannot truly love them.

I love sharing myself with my sister because she understands me

In return I feel that I can truly love her and feel blessed to have her as my wonderful sister

Being understood is more important than love or be loved.

Being understood builds a foundation called trust

It is in that trust foundation where love can thrive

Trust is the foundation for a great relationship between anyone, friends, family or loved ones

Trust is king

Trust is everything

With higher level of trust, others will be more comfortable around you

With more comfort, they will feel more ok being themselves

Comfort helps others be more vulnerable around you

Vulnerability in return will help you greatly in listening process

You will never share your deep dark secrets with anyone who you don't trust

Trust is essential ingredient in a great listening process

Trust is hard to build

It takes a long time and consistency of displaying trustworthy qualities to build up your trust with someone

It could take months or even years depending on how closely guarded someone is

So be patient with those you care about, take your time to build trust with them

Trust is easily broken

While it is very hard to build trust, you also have to remember that trust is easily broken too

Trusting someone means you are willing to open yourself up and share a more sensitive part of yourself

In other words, you are letting your guard down around them believing that other are not here to hurt you

If that sensitive part is violated or hurt in anyway, it will hurt you deeply, much greater than before, thus trust will instantly be broken and teared down

If that trust falls below a certain level, it will be almost impossible to rebuild it

So be very mindful of your actions and how it will affect the trust of those around you

Once trust is broken, it take much much longer to rebuild, worst case it will be lost forever

How to build trust?

The best way to build trust is simple

Get along with that person

Do you want to take a step further?

Listening and understanding helps to build and strengthens the trust

With strengthened trust, it allows the other person give you permission to listen to them on an even deeper level

This is a positive feedback loop

More trust allows you to listen on deeper level

Listen on a deeper level builds more trust

Final remarks

With that out the way, you are ready to learn the technical parts of listening

The tools that you will need to be a better listener

The techniques that you will learn to build a better connection between one another

Because in this vastly disconnected world full of superficial connections, it breeds a large number of people of depression

Just check out the comment section on youtube lofi music videos

What this world need is more deeper meaningful connection between one another

Listening is that secret key to a deeper meaningful connection

This world needs individuals like you to be a better listener