Have you been afraid of something?

Anything that you wanted to do but you are just too nervous or scared to do?

Sometimes you are even denying it?

You keep yourself distracted by doing everything else

You suddenly became interested in read things that you don't usually find interesting

You start playing more games that you know you shouldn't be playing

All of this is a sign that you are running away from your fear

You are being a coward

Stop running away

Because you can be a hero instead

A hero does not need to be someone gifted with super powers

A hero just just be someone who has the courage to go after what they want despite all the fears

So be your own hero that you always look up to, someone you can be proud of

We all have a choice

You can either run away from your fears

Or you can face them directly and not let it stop you from doing what you got to do

Don't run away anymore

Face your fears

It is where you will grow

My story

I am afraid of hiring new staff for my software

Because I have never done it before and I am afraid of messing up

Because I don't even know where to begin

The fear of failure is stopping me from moving and growing my app to the next level

I must overcome this fear and grow