It is easy to make a decision if you only got a few options

What happens if you got way too many to choose from?

This is what happens as we enter the adult life

Life is fairly simple and easy growing up

All you have to do is to get good grades and graduate high school and then perhaps college

Once you graduate college, you are on your own

What do you do?

The great thing is you can do anything you want

The not so great thing is also, you can do anything you want

Where do you even begin?

There is only one of you and so many potential lives that you could have live base on strings of different decisions that you are going to make

There's just way too many choices in this world

The irony about life is that, if you ever want to succeed in anything

The key is to focus on selected few

Bonus if you just focus on just ONE THING

Steve Jobs is successful because he focused solely on ONE THING, innovation on apple products

Warren Buffet is successful because he focused solely on ONE THING, investing

Ghandi is successful because he focused solely on ONE THING, spirituality, to help guide the people

If you want to be jack of all trades, you will end up specializing in none

So make sure you focus absolutely on ONE THING

What do you really want?

This question is super hard to answer and will often take a few days, even weeks.

Sometimes you even have to come back and revisit these questions after a few months or years.

Nevertheless, the "what you really want" question is extremely powerful

It helps you create a direction, a path to a much needed destination deep down inside your heart

With the destination in mind, you will not be lost and drift aimlessly in life

Being a "wanderer" sounds romantic but they are simply just lost

They don't have a clue what they want in life

Eventually, they will have the face the same question once again, "What do you really want?"

So start asking yourself that question now

Every minute you spend coming up to an answer to this question will be an hour you have saved aimlessly wandering, drifting through life

Midlife crisis happens in life because you do not know "What you really want"

Don't waste your time anymore

Your time is limited so make sure you do the hard stuff and live a more fulfilling life rather than just accepting or settling for less

But you must live in the present and now

Yes I do understand that you must be present, but don't ever use that as an excuse to be a lazy bum without a goal

Unless if your goal is to be a lazy bum and simply enjoy life, then you are ok

Once you figure out an answer, or at least have a clue on "What you really want"

All the other choices will simply fall away

Focus on the ONE THING

Nothing is created equal

Some just gives you more joy than others

Figure out your ONE THING

Your future self will be happy that you did